How I ended up in the East Bay

I moved to the East Bay because I was unhappy in Chicago. I was uncomfortable with the work atmosphere as management changed at that location, I drove a long commute and my kinds of adventures in the City of Chicago were limited. In order to hike, snowboard or be lazy by the beach I needed to fly! Summer of 2016 I started talking about moving. I had no idea where I was going. I just started telling my friends and family I needed a change because I was unhappy. I was living my day in and day out on autopilot and I needed to get out. I kept talking about moving and didn’t put any actions into place.  August 2016 I started making lists of goals, what makes me happy, sad and where I want to be in the future. September I re-wrote my goals every single day for the entire month. My co-worker calls it the dream journal. I like it because those goals have evolved into happening or transitioning into something different that I wouldn’t expect to be doing.

Turns out my number 1 on the list for the remainder of 2016 was “Move out of Illinois to a beautiful place with unlimited outdoor activities (hiking, snowboarding paddle boarding, wake boarding, etc).

I put my apartment up for sublet and saved money. Side note, I would go out drinking or out to eat only on special occasions in 2016. My goal was to travel as much as I could and to do that took sacrifice and it was wroth it! I always packed my lunch so I could save my money towards travel (check out my travels in 2016!!)

I kept thinking once my apartment is off my hands I could do anything. I am savvy with my money. I had a savings ever since working and each year my bonus went towards my savings. Year-end was right around the corner that meant I would have even more cash flow and my eyes were set on New Zealand!

Life has a funny way of working out. Two weeks before Christmas there was an opportunity that opened up in the East Bay to transfer. I had a phone interview after Christmas and I flew out in February to meet the office. Turns out, New Zealand was out and I was moving to the East Bay in April!