Our first road trip together @chasingperfectviews

Our first road trip together @chasingperfectviews

We both needed a place to live and needed it fast. I was living in an awful living situation and Taylor was about to start a job without a place to live.

Before I met Taylor I was looking for a roommate on Craigslist for about 2 weeks before coming across his roommate wanted add.

Yes, I responded to his add and we met that same day (it was a Tuesday).

That first meeting we both found out that we are both accountants with big personalities, travel the world and travel solo, both snowboard and hike. We also expressed that we aren’t looking for a friend and if we hang out sometimes that’s awesome but this isn’t going to be hey we move in let’s be friends type of deal. Which was perfect because my previous roommate thought rent payment automatically came friendship even when we didn’t have anything in common.

The biggest thing I was looking for was a roommate who was flexible having friends visit and stay for extended weekends. I am from outside of Philadelphia and then lived in Chicago for four years and just moved to the East Bay. I needed a roommate who was okay with visitors and I quickly learned most non-transplant people were not down with.

My first thought was perfect! Lets do this! We started looking at listings and went to view two the next day. Wednesday night we had a signed lease and moved in Friday.

My friend ended up bailing on me the last minute Friday night so Taylor offered help to move me in. We moved all my stuff in, went out for pizza and beer to celebrate and the adventure began!

and so the adventure begins